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Launch Weekend Update

WOW, awesome results from the launch weekend. To all of you (1500+?) new users – THANK-YOU! …but how come you aren’t playing in (less than 200 players) Game Center??? Okay, that’s cool, but remember, WARP gce was really (completely) redesigned just for Game Center so you are missing out on A LOT! Now, bad news…

Voucher Transfers

How-To: Transfer vouchers from one device to another. Note: Requires both devices running the same “build” of WARP gce (displayed in lower right corner of the main menu). Version 1.1 is actually build: Okay since it’s most likely just one person doing this, these are linear instructions. Sending device:ย iPhone 3GS (images reduced 50%) Receiving…

Weekending: 06-19-2011

Here is the weekly high-score snapshot for Single Trade. Congratulations to everyone but especially to the top 6 (you beat me!) – GREAT JOB ๐Ÿ™‚

Bounty Hunter pack

How-To: To use a Bounty Hunter pack, just go to the Spacedock and tap on your ship. Yup, it’s that easy… ๐Ÿ™‚ If you need more you will be prompted; if your ship isn’t BHp capable, we’ll let you know. YES you can install multiple Bounty Hunter packs; provide you have an open weapon and…

Hyper WARP Unlock

To ALL those that purchased Hyper WARP & Hyper WARP HD, we wanted to say thanks and give you the full version of WARP gce and two trial packs (vouchers). Thank-you for your support. Here is the unlock process (text version): 1: Launch Hyper WARP (or HD) v2.8.1 (or newer) 2: Load game and display…

WARP gce v1.1

has been RELEASED!!! It should be available very soon in the App Store: LINK HERE Thanks to all our beta testers!

Expedited Review

Got word back from App Review and they APPROVED my request for an expedited review. Hopefully in 3 – 5 days we can RELEASE WARP gce! WOOT! While we were updating the website I realized its been 6 months in the making, wow. We just hope you have as much fun playing as we do.


WARP gce v1.0 has been approved! I had to submit v1.1 because I left the cheat codes enabled and quite franky there is enough cheating in Game Center as is. Once the update has been approved we will be releasing it! ๐Ÿ™‚

AppReview in-progress

Must have been the previous post, WARP gce is now in review.

App Review Delayed

Seems like App Review is delayed, most likely due to WWDC. Hang-tight WARP gce fans… it will come… soon.

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