The Spaceport; with its three (3) bays allow you to upgrade and manage your match play ships. What you may not know is that it functions like a copier; When you start a new UGF Match you basically tear-off a (digital) copy of your ship and begin the match. Once in the match your ship, for the most part, remains that same.

You can of course go to the UGF Match Center and start another match; using the same ship, since we will just tear-off another copy.

So now you have accumulated some Energy bars and want to upgrade the weapons on your ship (good idea!). You can do this at ANY time, however any open / existing matches, your ship remains unchanged. Of course any new matches you start you will tear-off a copy of your updated ship.

As mentioned in a previous post; you are restricted to thirty (30) “active” UGF Matches at one time.