Updated UGF Match Play in version 3.0.1 in the hopes that new match play players that (unfortunately) abandon matches without quitting them will impact other “new” players and not seasoned (veteran) match play players.

Starting in version 3.0.1, access to UGF Matches will be based on the number of UGF Matches you have completed. Here’s how it will work.

Your first 3 matches are 2 player (only) matches (match play n00b). This means you will play with other “new” players and if the other player quits, you WIN! Now your next 3 matches are 2 or 3 player matches (match play beginner). So, in order to compete in 4 player matches (or larger) you must complete 6 UGF Matches (match play pro).
Note: it doesn’t matter what position, just that you have completed the matches.

This means new UGF Match players will not be allowed to compete in 4 player or larger matches

Version 3.0.1 also updated UGF Match payouts, as follows:
Match size 1, 2, 3, Exp <- place 2 player: 150, 75, x, 5 (new players only) 3 player: 250, 100, 50, 5 4 player: 300, 130, 60, 5 5 player: 350, 150, 75, 5 6 player: 400, 175, 85, 5 7 player: 450, 200, 100, 5 8 player: 500, 250, 115, 5 9 player: 650, 300, 130, 5 10 player: 750, 350, 150, 5 Some quick Q & A’s

Q: Can I play a match with version 2.x or 3.0?
A: YES, however you will NOT receive the increased payout (so make sure you update to v3.0.1 once approved)

Q: I’ve played 3 matches and LOVE it, can I play a 6 player match?
A: NO, the match restrictions are hard-coded allowing no exceptions, sorry

Q: I’m trying to get my 6 matches completed, but the other players leave me hanging (don’t quit or take their turn). What can I do?
A: Please send me an email (meachware [@] gmail [.] com) OR send me a friend invite to “Admiral Greg” and I will play some matches with you.