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Lot’s of Dead Matches

It seems the v3.0.1 update didn’t hit soon enough since there seem to be a bunch of dead (inactive) UGF Matches. SORRY… 🙁 The best, easiest way to correct the problem is to quit any and all matches that are 5 or more days old. Of course to prevent this in the future when you…

Seriously.. it’s a frackin ad, okay?

Sorry, I need to reply to this review… 1. It’s a FREE app – it has advertising which if you weren’t so cheap you’d disable! 2. Plus, it’s a frackin’ ad for pete’s sake! What do you think an ad should do? Seriously… give me a break… 🙁

Can’t Please Everyone

Wow, seems we pissed this guy off, sorry for wasting your money.. oh wait you didn’t spend any! Sounds more like “competition-envy” to me… Have a great day! 🙂

UGF Match Support

Just a quick note: I’m trying very hard to NOT jump into a bunch of open UGF Matches. I really want to give players the full experience. Meaning I want WARP gce to get somes legs and make it on its own. I am extremely competitive, so you’ll have a much better chance of winning…

Enable 2-Player UGF Matches

How To: Enable 2 player UGF Matches 1. From Main Menu, select “Options” 2. Select “Configure” 3. Select “Application Settings” 4. Scroll to the bottom and enable “2-Player UGF Matches” Screenshots:

2-Player Matches, What the?

With v3.0.1 comes the ability / requirement of 2 player UGF Matches. Here’s the scoop: New UGF players can ONLY play 2 player matches until they have completed(1) 3 matches. Once 3 matches have been completed these new players can then play 2 OR 3 player matches until they have completed(1) 3 additional matches. Once…

Fix Missing / Stuck Game Center Awards

er, Achievements… It happens for various reasons, you’re 94% complete with one of the transportation awards like say “Rock Solid” for ORE. Just transport a bunch and check the award and it’s still at 94%. Hey, what the! Yup but we have a way to fix that. 1. Go to the Main Menu and tap…

Pending v3.0.1 Update

For those of you UGF Match players (all 20 of you 😉 ), hold off, if you can on redeeming your energy on any completed matches. Once the newest update is released your payout will be much (like 5 times) greater! See this post for the updated amounts:

Redeem Reward Code

Here’s a quick overview of how to redeem / enter a reward code: Note: Images from iPod but the process is the same on your iPad Steps: 1: Open the Galactic Chart 2: Tap “Actions” button (not on iPad) 3: Tap “Search” and enter code Note: Copy / paste works great here; as in copy…

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