Monthly archives: August, 2013

Hyper WARP & HD – Price Increase

Once the 3.0 update is released (for iOS 7), the price will be increased and will never drop back to where it is now. So if you are on the fence, jump over!

Ready for iOS 7 – sweetness!

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to mention ALL (5) WARP products (all four Hyper WARP’s and WARP gce) have been updated / tested, submitted to Apple and have been approved! <yeah> We will schedule their release to coincide with the release (once it’s announced) of iOS 7. Oh and have you heard about this???  

Version 4.0 Update

We just submitted the 4.0 update to the AppStore for review. Here’s what it includes: * Complete code update/overhaul (we now use many new Objective-C compiler functions including ARC. Thank-you Apple!) * Added support and re-layout for iPhone 5 (4″ display) * Added iPad HD graphics * Reduced memory requirements Note: except for iPad HD,…

Where the hell have we been?

First, check THIS POST out. WARP gce (and all Hyper WARP’s) are in the final testing stages for the iOS 7 compatibility update. What does this mean? It means all apps in our Space Trader family (WARP gce, Hyper WARP, Hyper WARP LE, Hyper WARP HD and Hyper WARP HD LE) will: * Be designed…

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