We just submitted the 4.0 update to the AppStore for review. Here’s what it includes:

* Complete code update/overhaul (we now use many new
Objective-C compiler functions including ARC.
Thank-you Apple!)
* Added support and re-layout for iPhone 5 (4″ display)
* Added iPad HD graphics
* Reduced memory requirements
Note: except for iPad HD, sorry those HD images cost pixels

// Actual game-play updates:
* Added System name to WARP System Info (Detail) screen

* Plunder: When you are scooping cargo and you have to “Make room”, you know how many items you are scooping up.

* Increased Pirate Bounties 5 FOLD(1) or 500% increase!

Note(1): un-factored minimum bounty went from 100 to 750 on a Nanite and the maximum bounty went from 6700 to 40000! on a Deradnaught. W00T, it’s a good time to be blasting those nasty Pirates! This also makes Pirate Hunting in UGF Matches a much more viable option. Good Luck in the UGF Matches!

* All Ships are now in compliance with UGF mandated fuel efficiency requirements for 2246 (max range is now 24 parsecs, with Fuel Compactor). This means that the average jump range is 17.5 parsecs. In addition, all UGF match play ships also received an increase. The “Star Explorer” can jump an impressive 20 parsecs. This makes transporting cargo during match play (without using
a Super WARP voucher) a much more viable option.

* UGF Match payout has been updated. Now on larger matches (4-10-Player) you will earn nominal EB’s for completing the match (4th – last place).

* We now REMOVE AD’s during Hyper WARP/WORM HOLE travel (Encounter While En-Route)
* Removed help panels (no one looked at them 🙁 )
* Added a Confirm on Surrender (USER REQUEST)

!*!*!*! Huge thanks to Nick @ Charcoal Design for LayerSprites !*!*!*!
and to http://tinypng.org for SUPER PNG compression!