WARP gce 2013 STATS

Money made: $0.00 after expenses.
You went shopping (UGF Store): 4,225 times but didn’t buy much..
Actual Sales Data: (as of July 2013)
Total IAP sales: 1353
Total IAP Revenue: $1378
Total Recorded uses: 4742 = $3319.40
Means we gave away more than we sold $1941.40
Development Costs:
iPad 2 for summer intern: $500
Updated Graphics: $350
Sub-Total: $850
Development time: 500+ hours at $5.00/hr: $2500 (yeah… I’m that cheap…)
Estimated development cost: $3350
$3350 – $1378 equals minus $1972. (loss of)
Ah, but wait you say…. you have iAd’s in your app, surely you’ve made a boatload of money off that… right? Um, well… not quite. We have received a total of $339 for both iAd’s and MobClix.


Final Profit = -$1633 and since we can’t really make a negative number, let’s just round up to 0.


Of course as a business, this is a pretty crappy model, as in you can’t make a negative amount for very long if at all.
Interesting STATS as of July 30, 2013
Only 1234 New network games created
  • Seems like I need to upload an instructional video, trust me once you complete one match you’ll be like “WTH, this is easy!”
However you rotated your device 243,800 times… really? Can’t decide between LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT; and why the heck did I care?
New Games:
Normal: 25,654
Impossible: 1991 (wimps!, I did at least 200 of those)
Hard: 1738
Easy: 2099
Beginner: 6668
Zero missing files <- that’s good 🙂
Memory Warnings: 72,473 <- not good 🙁
Rewards issued: 16,509 – WOW!
Facebook: 170 (I’m sure I had 50 of those in testing) 🙁
Twitter: 248 (I’m sure I had 200 of those!) 🙁
Products (like hull repair vouchers) consumed: 22,830
Achievements Earned: 63,974
Now this is cool….
You checked the Stellar section 1.7 MILLION times! (1,770,956)
You stopped by the Spacedock almost 1 million times! (944,234)
You arrived at a new Starbase almost 1 million times! (877,721)
Hyper WARP Unlocks: 452, yup only 452 players with either Hyper WARP or Hyper WARP HD “unlocked” WARP gce and are now happily playing WARP gce ad-free!