Update: I’ve fixed the iPad main view errors (see NOTE below) and submitted v4.1.8 to Apple.

In the final stages of testing the v4.1.7 update. Just a few minor fixes and squashed one bug with the SuperWARP function.
NOTE: The v4.1.7 has been approved and released. <- iPad fade view and Options pop-up are not displaying/working properly and will be fixed in the 4.1.8 update (Note: this was only a problem in iOS 7.1 beta). Notes: * Fixed Double Encounter views while performing a SuperWARP jump * Fixed GPTA Scanner * Fixed Mercenary Portrait view * UGF match games have decreased loan amounts for ships configured with maximum weapon/shields * Updated Third party libraries Once we confirm that v4.1.8 is stable the plan is to work on the 4.2 update which will be for iOS 7.1 (now in beta testing)[1]. It's foolish of me to post an estimated completion date because I rarely (read never) hit my targeted release dates. I guess when I'm the boss, it's okay.... 😉 [1] Remember, we can keep the 4.1.8 in place for all those players not able to update to iOS 7.