Sorry for shouting, just want to get everyones attention. After some deep soul searching (more like a hard to swallow failure) and a bit of data analysis[1]; the entire Multiplayer section (in the current v4.2) will be ELIMINATED in the next v5.0 upgrade.

I would really like to offer some type of multiplayer functionality and perhaps that might be added after the v5.0 release.

It was most likely my poorly designed IAP store that caused the turn based matches to never take hold[2]

On a side note I don’t think I’ll be including Facebook OR Twitter, also due to the lack of use (yeah, didn’t think this would bother anyone 😉 )

[1] The total number of UGF Matches along with their ‘freshness’.
[2] After understanding more about “Pay for Win”, I came to realize that’s what I did with the “energy bars” – sorry 🙁