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Reality check and future updates

I know I just posted about both the v5.0 update and that multiplayer (turn-based matches) would be going away. Now I’m posting that I may never complete the update to v5.0 and as such keep the existing version with multiplayer. The rationale behind this is that I have several new game concepts for both iOS…

WARP gce v4.1.8 and 4.2 Update

Update: I’ve fixed the iPad main view errors (see NOTE below) and submitted v4.1.8 to Apple. In the final stages of testing the v4.1.7 update. Just a few minor fixes and squashed one bug with the SuperWARP function. NOTE: The v4.1.7 has been approved and released.

July 2013 Summary

WARP gce 2013 STATS Money made: $0.00 after expenses.   You went shopping (UGF Store): 4,225 times but didn’t buy much..   Actual Sales Data: (as of July 2013) Total IAP sales: 1353 Total IAP Revenue: $1378 Total Recorded uses: 4742 = $3319.40 Means we gave away more than we sold $1941.40   Development Costs:…

WARP gce v4.1.4 Update And v4.2

I’ve been working on the v4.1.4 (v4.1.4 is an arbitrary number, something less than 4.2) update for quite a while now and most of it is for compatibility of old iOS versions (iOS 5.1 – iOS 6.x). Version 4.0 was primarily a stopgap for our Alerts being broken in iOS 7 (and tested using the beta…

Ready for iOS 7 – sweetness!

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to mention ALL (5) WARP products (all four Hyper WARP’s and WARP gce) have been updated / tested, submitted to Apple and have been approved! <yeah> We will schedule their release to coincide with the release (once it’s announced) of iOS 7. Oh and have you heard about this???  

Version 4.0 Update

We just submitted the 4.0 update to the AppStore for review. Here’s what it includes: * Complete code update/overhaul (we now use many new Objective-C compiler functions including ARC. Thank-you Apple!) * Added support and re-layout for iPhone 5 (4″ display) * Added iPad HD graphics * Reduced memory requirements Note: except for iPad HD,…

Pre-Submission v2.0

We are just hours away from submitting version 2.0 to Apple for review. In case you’ve been oh say under a rock for the past month or so… 😉 version 2.0 is a HUGE update. Check the change log for the long list of updates. I just can’t convey in words how stoked I am…

Version 1.5 Released!

Version 1.5 has been approved and has been released! It may take a few hours before it is available in all stores… your patience is appreciated! The change log can be found HERE. Thanks again for your feedback and reports.

Network Game Concepts

Note: This is a living document and the content will be edited, removed and altered as we work on and develop this project. Overview: We start with one available bay in our Spaceport for our Turn Based Network Game (TBNG) ship. We choose a ship type from the available three new ships; Star Explorer (general…

Version 1.2.2 Released!

Version 1.2.2 has been approved and will be released in about 12 minutes! It may take up to 4 hours before it is available in all stores… your patience is appreciated! Thanks again for your feedback and reports.

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