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Development Change Log

Please note: we make no guarantees that work in the development version will be included / approved in the released version.


Build 50.6 v3.0.2  “Meh”
Development log – nothing relevant

* Enable 2-Player Match now allows for 2 to 10 player matches
* Additional code enhancements, patches and fixes


Build 50.3 v3.0.1  “Chat bug squasher”
Development log – Sorry, bug slipped in with the new turn based chat. 🙁

* Fixed Chat crash
* Fixed random chat prompt
* Updated Plunder/Jettison – cancel now cancels plunder
* Added 2-Player toggle in settings (allows you to play matches with the n00b’s!)

Note: these items are not included in the iTunes update (no need to GIVE Apple a reason to reject this update 🙂 )
* Added “Blacklist” function (restricts access to UGF Matches)
* Added “Report” (w/email) function to Chat viewer (allows player to report abusive players)

Updated UGF Match Play see this post
First 3 matches are 2 player matches. Next 3 are 2-3 player matches
This means “n00bies” will not be allowed to play any match larger than 3 player
Updated UGF Match Payouts
Match size 1, 2, 3, Exp <- place 2 player: 150, 75, xx, 5 3 player: 250, 100, 50, 5 4 player: 300, 130, 60, 5 5 player: 350, 150, 75, 5 6 player: 400, 175, 85, 5 7 player: 450, 200, 100, 5 8 player: 500, 250, 115, 5 9 player: 650, 300, 130, 5 10 player: 750, 350, 150, 5 -> iOS RELEASED VERSION Build 50.1 v3.0  "Chatty Cathy" Development log - adding chat capability to UGF Match play. Interesting, I've pretty much got the chat working just the way I want and could actually submit but I'm still waiting for the "Bonus Maker" to be reviewed and approved. It's pretty unlikely that v3.0 will get submitted and reviewed before the holiday break. Edit: We only have a couple more days before the holiday break (no updates during this time). If it’s not approved it will make a GREAT pre-years present!

* New chat function: add a message for each turn in your UGF Matches
* Added custom Game Center notification sound (yeah, no more trumpet!!!)
* Additional code enhancements
* Updated included libraries


Build 44.1 v2.3  “Bonus Maker”
Development log – lots of bonuses for UGF Match play

* Added many new in-app rewards:
> See post for compelete listing
* Added rewards to notifications
* Cleaned up tableviews
* Added new Fuel Compactor IAP


Build 43.9 v2.2  “Particle Viewer Unlock”
Development log – nothing to see here…

* Fixed UGF Store button
* Added Particle Viewer unlock


Build 43.5 v2.1  “Bug-a-boo” (Tweaking a few things)
Development log – this is mostly some small fixes and tweaks
Note: Other than some user trying to hack the encryption, looks good!


* Updated Facebook dialog
* Updated Encounter view
* Updated UGF Match Encounter
* Updated low memory process
* Updated HTML help files
* Updated Match Summary & Energy process


Build 42.7 v2.0  “You Play – I Play” (!! Network Play !! <- oh yeah!)
Development log – this is another huge update and we are super excited to get it into your hands!

* Added UGF Match play which includes:
> UGF Match Center – complete match management for UGF Match play
> Spaceport Center – complete ship management for UGF Match play
* UGF Matches load to the Spacedock (so you know which ship you are using in the match)
* Loads to Welcome menu (required to properly support UGF Match play)
* Updated Game Center Resync (added Energy bars and now resubmits awards)
* New Ship modes for Challenge/Explorer (not UGF Match play) games;
> Explorer: Ship w/500 Extra credits
> Trader: Ship w/5 Extra cargo bays
> Mercenary: Ship w/Pulse laser and shield
* Now saves Pilot name
* Now saves last Pilot configuration
* Updated nearly all Game graphics
* Updated layouts on: Spacedock, Starbase, WARP and Encounter
* Left-handed: WARP detail, Encouter and Starbase
* Encounter: Shields now degrade properly (from back to front)
* Encounter: Laser fire attacks
* Rewards: Now awarded once per day (24-hours)
* Added Alert for new ship purchase – loose all cargo
* Added New ad networks to better support development / updates

* Fixed Pirate Upgrade achievement tracking
* Fixed Passenger and Cargo payouts on Challenge/Match games
* Fixed Disable Ad’s
* Fixed Landscape GPTA agreement

(1) Requires iOS 5


Build 30.6 v1.5  “Boy Scout” (Preparing for iOS 5 and v2.0)
Development log – this is basically preparation for iOS 5 and network gameplay.

* Added Info button to Jettison view
* Added 90 Minute Player Bonus
* Disable Autoload after incomplete shutdown
* Revised IGN Services text (iPad)
* Revised Scrollviews (enable bounce)

* Fixed Game Center Resync (Fuel and Cargo)
* Fixed New ship purchase
* Fixed Insufficient Fuel notice crash
* Fixed Encounter screen flicker
* Fixed Tables for iOS5
* Fixed GESDB
* Additional code enhancements  (read bug reductions)


Build 29.5 v1.2.2  “Patch-man” (Make the crashes go away!)
Development log – can we get it to stop crashing? Please!

* Main toolbar indicators
* Automated shutdown if memory usage exceeds maximum setting

* Problem with notification banners
* Resolved saved game file corruption
* Corrected jumpy local ads
* Updated Passenger and Cargo delivery notices
* Reduced download size and memory usage
* Hire Mercenary no longer crashes
* Crashes eliminated (or at least greatly reduced)


Build 28.2 v1.2  “Bounty Hunter”
Development log – this is a huge update and we are super excited to get it into your hands!

Single Trade is GREAT; but now lets kick some butt!
* Bounty Hunter score tracking with Leaderboard!
* Awards (okay Achievements) tracking with Leaderboard!
* Bounty Hunter achievements! (all three; Silver, Gold & Elite)
* Tri-Elite award, you must achieve Elite Traveller, Trader and Hunter (all three)
* Scorpion (your starter ship) can now accept the Bounty Hunter pack
* New Clean Record IAP (yeah, you’re gonna shoot at the police by mistake). Resets your Police Record to CLEAN status to stop the police from shooting at you and restore profits
* Automatically switches to Spacedock after selling cargo if alert badge is showing
* Added Auto-Pilot toggle functionality to Encounter type image
* Added DIAGS setting to display device stats while playing – tap PAD to display
* Added Default Leaderboard to Application Settings (pick Single Trade or Bounty Hunter)
* Added GPTA Terms & Agreement view
* Implemented Left-Handed on System Detail views (where the WARP button is)
* Player Bonus Packs are reset (you can earn them all again)
* Move SystemLog.txt to /Library and update append method to reduce memory usage
* Prompt to send SystemLog.txt when size is greater than 30k, then reset it
* Revised Device in Developer / Support email (iPhone3,1 = iPhone4)

* Disable UGF Store button (behind iAd’s) in Encounters <- (Prevents voucher purchase)
* System uses much less memory to reduce memory related crashes
* Prevent prompt for voucher use after end of game
* Elite Status achievement

We are trying very hard to reduce the number of crashes and of course eliminate them all together.


Build 26.2 v1.1  “The Merchant”
Development log


* Toolbar displayed when viewing iAd in Encounter (and low memory)
* SystemLog tracks memory notices and is included in email as attachment <- PLEASE, please send this to us if you experience any problems / crashes.
* Equipment vouchers
* Disabled cheat codes
* Explorer score submission

v1.1 has been submitted and is awaiting review. We hope to release on June 22nd.

-> Unreleased iOS VERSION

Version Submitted to Apple

Build 24.8 v1.0 Development log

This build is very stable and is functioning very well. The transition timing and auto-dismiss process used at the end of a hyper jump are working as designed. The vouchers and iAd’s have been working 100% and the voucher transfer has never failed. The version control check in the transfer code has worked 100% on every test. We occasionally get audio over talk (two announcements over each other) but it seems to only happen early on in the first game when the player has no awards. After earning a few of those early awards (e.g first jump, first trade = high score) it seems very rare. I think I’d rather have that the cancel a playing announcement, seems like that would be very interruptive.

* Added Game Center Support (Leader boards and Achievements)
* Added Jump Challenges (1)
* Allow full version activation from either Hyper WARP or Hyper WARP (HD) (2)

* Everything! The entire flow of the game from menus to your ability to save and reload (or cheat, as one iTunes reviewer put it).
* Freemium based game: We originally planned to have an in app purchase to “unlock” the full version of the game. We have since redesigned it so that you get the full game when you download it and it will have ad’s. You can of course purchase (to help support us) to disable the ad’s along with all the new vouchers.

IMG 0674

(1) Jump Challenges: 3, 5, 10 & 25 “jump” mini games where you try and earn the most credits within the limited jumps. Note: “Jump Start” games are no longer used so you must start a new Challenge game.

(2) What this means is if you purchase Hyper WARP or (HD) you will be able to unlock WARP gce at no extra cost, it’s like getting two apps for the price of one! <- tested on 2.8.1 and works great!

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