Hyper Warp

Well the updated images never made it to the site. Sorry… We had another great idea for an update to Hyper WARP but managing all four Hyper WARP (full, lite, HD full and HD lite) is quite a lot of work. Once we get approval from Apple we’ll announce it here but it’s pretty cool and FIRST for ANY/ALL space trader games in the mobile market – very cool, but you’ve come to expect nothing less, right? 🙂 Dec 13, 2010 1:43 PM

Edit: Okay; I’m really tired of all the Dark Nova whining. Here are the facts: Dark Nova was released; I PAID FOR and downloaded the game and it was a steaming pile of CRAP! I FIXED more than 60 errors; made something like 30 improvements and released Hyper WARP. You Dark Nova whiners also benefited from my Hyper WARP code too as I gave it back to Dark Nova. If you don’t like my game, fine go play Dark Nova and leave my reviews in the store alone, you don’t see me posting whinny reviews for Dark Nova!

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