Beta Testing Update

We are nearly done! Yeah! For those that offered to beta test and we did not contact you, I’m sorry but THANK-YOU. With both In App purchases and Game Center test accounts to deal with we limited the beta testing to a select few.

Some details behind the changes to the game mechanics that you will see in WARP gce:

* Notices (alerts): We’ve reduced these to the absolute minimum, pretty much only where you must make a decision (Yes / NO) do we present the standard iOS Alert view. This makes playing on an iPad a dream! What you get are pop-overs that go away if you tap anywhere on the screen, so no more moving to the center of the screen to tap on that alert view. iPhone and iPod Touch users will see what are called Action sheets that slide up from the bottom so no more having to move your hand up to tap and dismiss the notice. The entire hyper jump can now be processed with just one finger. We are also taking advantage of the Game Center notification system we use. So not only does this drop down window display information about your awards, er sorry, achievements and high scores; it is also used to display notices, alerts and our in-game TIPS (Timely Information Presented Slideways) (okay, goofy I know).

Note: these images are from a non-retina display. ALL game graphics have retina images and the game looks 10x better on a retina display.

Tap the scrolling news to automagically copy the current news stream into your Pilots Log and open it. (Yeah, I know it still says Commander Log).

* Pilots Log: Oh yeah, I nearly forgot… Unlimited size logs, take that whoever it was that crabbed about it in a Hyper WARP review! j/k 🙂

* Updated Graphics: are everywhere (except the ship images…). Notice the new “themed” slider. This is also an example of where we need to use an Alert (YES / NO, CANCEL / SELL).

When you arrive from a jump and want to sell your cargo, tap the “Cargo Holds” button and if you have any cargo to sell you will see the small pop-up where you can quickly choose Buy or Sell. If you don’t have any cargo to sell it opens the Buy cargo window.

* Information: Each section has all the relevant information and functions you most likely need so they are just a tap (or two) away.

* Icons: Trying to use images and not just word based buttons, there are still word buttons used during an encounter when traveling to a Starbase. Not sure if those will change. But the Refuel and Repair buttons are now a gas pump and wrench respectively. Buy and Sell Equipment are now “+” Shield icon and “-” Shield icon. Purchase a new ship or escape pod are a ship icon and a ring icon.

More info still to come, especially about the entirely new voucher system.

May 26, 2011 4:40 PM

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