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Just spent the last couple of days completely re-thinking, re-designing and re-working the main interface (PAD).

I’m happy to announce the PAD is DEAD!!! Long live the new PAD!

My goal was to make the new user interface easy to use especially for new players yet also fun and intuitive. While the interface is still more “in-my-head” I can show a couple of screenshots and I’ll try and describe the game flow:

Launch the game, you are presented with the Welcome screen showing an animated planet and the somewhat familiar toolbar.
warp shot1

Updated: Jan-31-2011

Once you have loaded a saved game or created a new game you’ll be presented with the “Starbase”. This is the area of the planetary system where you can get news, hire a mercenary, acquire passengers or cargo to transport. You can also buy and sell the standard cargo items.

The “Spacedock” section is for all your ship needs including a new ship (if available), buy and sell equipment as well as refuel and repair your ship.
The “Stellar” section has all your travel related activities. This includes the Galactic and Short Range charts with system details and quick cargo purchase. You will initiate your Hyper WARP jump from this section.
The “Commander” section is where you can configure your ships (game) environment, view your status including quests and your log. Oh the log… so we were the first space trader game with an in-game log and got a bunch of crap since we restricted its size. So… you guessed it… you will be able to save as much info as you want. We are also going to activate the IGNEL (Intergalactic Network Event Logging) to allow you to view your every transaction / event that occurred during your travels. Yet again another FIRST for a space trader game. :-]
The PAD section will allow ultra fast access to the Menu, Settings, IAP (In-App Purchase) via a slide up toolbar keeping the new interface slim, sleek and sexy…
warp shot3
[Already outdated image :-/]

Licensing note: We purchased the glyphish-pro set of toolbar icons. Please DO NOT assume any of these new icons are freeware, they have all been customized and are all Copyright © 2011 MeachWare. In fact all media (audio and images) are Copyright © 2011 MeachWare and with WARP gce we are even extending that to include our design and layout work with Xcode Interface Builder (all Xib files).
Update Feb-02-2011
Please visit this page for more info.
Jan 29, 2011 5:20 PM

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