Network Game Concept

Note: This is a living document and the content will be edited, removed and altered as we work on this project.

Some thoughts about network game play. There are two types:
1. P2P (Peer to peer): Connect to another player via Game Center and compete head to head.
This type doesn’t seem to fit the current game structure / style
2. TBG or YTMT (Turn based game / Your turn, my turn): Start or accept a TBG; buy, jump, sell to complete your turn.
This will be available in iOS5

So as described we see TBG’s to be very cool and fun, but let’s step it up a bit…

We all start with one slot for our TBG ship. We choose a ship type from the available three (general purpose, trader, mercenary). You can purchase / unlock two other slots so eventually you can play with all three ship types. The big difference in TBG’s is that you never loose your ship, even if your ship is destroyed (however you will not earn any credits for that game). So that means you will be able to make (buy / earn) improvements for your ship to increase your chances of winning at TBG’s. Initially we’ll be testing a quick 2-jump game and a 4-jump game. For testing we are going to allow vouchers, but at our discretion we may disallow their use.

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