Strike Is Over!

The LEN strike is over and the galaxy is rejoicing! Wait, you don’t know what this means, sorry…
It means the END of paid newspapers, yup that’s right freedom of information to the MAX!

Warp gce progress update: WOW, it’s going GREAT! a few more critical (meaning I refuse to release build 1.0 without them!) to go but it ROCKS. If I “liked” playing Hyper WARP (and I do!) I frackin (is it frack or frak ?) LOVE playing Warp gce, I can’t wait to get in your hands!Time for another sneak peek… scrolling local news… flippin’ sweet!

Super quick overview:IGN Services: Banking & InsuranceCargo Holds: Buy / Sell cargoTransport Center: Transport sealed cargo / passengersHire: Mercenary for hireI’ve been toying with the idea of releasing a video of current game play BUT I may have one more secret up my sleeve!:-)ALRIGHT!!! one more…. TIPS
Of course configurable in Settings, yeah I know… cool 🙂
May 4, 2011 3:18 PM

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