Update Apr-23-2011

Okay, we’ve had a bunch of design changes. Based on some initial feedback we have removed the full game IAP. YES that’s right, you will download the free app from iTunes and it will be the FULL game!

We still have the IAP’s to disable ad’s, since that is a very common request and we want happy players! Another change is the addition of several “voucher” based IAP’s.

I already know what you’re thinking and NO we are not trying to bilk or cheat anyone. These IAP’s are completely optional and for almost every one of them there is an in-game option that doesn’t cost you any “real” money. However, based on feedback we have received, many, many players would have PAID to get rid of fleas in Hyper WARP. Well we are now giving those players that opportunity.

Playing as a Bounty Hunter was just not profitable in Hyper WARP and we heard you’re feedback on this too. There is a Bounty Hunter pack that will add a Talbot laser and Quantum shield (you found them in Hyper WARP, right?) to your current ship (just as in quest based game play, you cannot move these items to a new ship). The bounty paid on destroyed ships has been increased more than 10 fold, so a Firefly that used to pay out say 25 credits now pays 350, a Dreadnought pays out 7500. Now it really pays to hunt pirates! Scoring is based on the game difficulty factor and your total net worth, of course including selling off all items you were carrying on your last jump.

Here’s the factors:
Beginner – 60%
Easy – 85%
Normal – 100%
Hard – 115%
Impossible – 130%

So, to earn high scores players will need to play on hard or impossible and quite frankly without the new vouchers it was well… nearly impossible just to complete a 5 jump challenge game. When you first download and run Warp gce you will receive, for free, a “Trial Pack” of vouchers so you can use them and really see the benefits they offer.
This Trial Pack will include (2):
* Emergency Hull Repair: Use this voucher when your ships hull has been depleted,
restores your ships hull to 100% so you can (hopefully) make it to the Starbase.
Payout is 500 credits.
* Flea Powder: Use this voucher to rid your ship of any fleas. Payout is 1500 credits.
* Tribble Dust: Use this voucher to immediately trade any Tribble’s you have. Payout is
5000 credits.
Note: The Trial Pack is also available as an IAP along with individual packs for the vouchers listed above.

WOW, a lot of information… I’ll let you digest that for now. 🙂
Apr 23, 2011 6:00 AM

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