Update Feb-16-2011

Here’s what is going well:

* iAd’s seem to be working fine
* Universal app (iPhone / iPad all in one app) is nearly complete
* Updated game flow seems to work slick
* New challenge games are really fun to play
* A lot more animations (eg ship shield pulses while in Spacedock and new hyper warp / worm hole jump animations)
What’s still open:
* Game Center, leader boards and achievements. We’ve got most of the design work done and are all set in iTunes now we have to update the app.
Here’s what most likely won’t make it into the release: 🙁
* Unlimited log size
* Event logging

While these things sounded very cool when I added them to the WARP gce features… they could cause an even longer delay. Not saying we won’t have them… just not sure about the 1.0 release.
Update: File size
Forgot to post about this… the file size has exceeded 25MB so that means you’ll have to download the app via WiFi. The biggest increase is due to a duplication of large images required for a “retina-enabled” universal app. (we can’t use the @2x images in an iPad app and the retina displays will only use @2x, so we have -iPad and @2x files even though most of the time they are the exact same image..)
Feb 16, 2011 1:04 PM

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