Update Mar-30-2011

We’ve been working on several aspects of WARP gce. The first is that we are taking to
heart the feedback about the game flow and we are trying to really streamline and
refine it, so it really seems like you are running your ship and exploring the galaxy. The
second is we are going add In App Purchase (IAP’s) for a few consumable items. This
was actually feedback we have received on numerous occasions.


10k and 25k credit paks (only purchase in Explorer mode)
Weapon-Shield upgrade  (only purchase in Explorer mode)
Dreadnought Max  (only purchase in Explorer mode)
Disable Ads

Full Version

The mini jump challenges along with Game Center integration really change the game dynamics and emotional feedback. We are really excited about WARP gce and can’t wait to finish it and get it out to everyone.
Here is the list of current awards and leader boards (subject to completely change before release)


First Trade (pop your trading cherry)
Wheeler-Dealer (15 items sold)
Ship Upgrade (upgrade your ship)
Space Taxi (transport 25 people)
Space Hauler (transport 40 tons)
Back Alley (sell drugs)
Farmer (sell 100 tons of food)
Doctor (sell 100 tons of medicine)
Fleas-be-gone (get and remove fleas)
Triumph over Tribbles (get and sell Tribbles)
Thug (sell firearms)
Q Medicine
Q Experiment
Q Alien Artifact
Q Scarab
Q Jarek
Q Brower
Q Reactor
Q Dragonfly
Q Pirates

Elite Status

Leader Boards:
Single Trade Profit
5 Jump
10 Jump
25 Jump
Mar 30, 2011 7:36 AM


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