Downgrading a Ship

Oh My God! I just downgraded my ship and LOST ALL MY MONEY! The price listed was -9999 (or some other negative number).

Okay, no worries. The existing sales process, which was modified due to numerous complaints to the ITC (Intergalactic Trade Commission) (because of unscrupulous Ship Yard sales associates) is to take any monies due back to you and deposit them directly into your GESDB (Galactic Electronic Safety Deposit Box). This prevents the Ship Yard sales associates from adding on those excessive extras like “meteor coating” and “blue-tinted view ports”.

So if you ever need to downgrade your ship and after you confirm the purchase you’ll notice you have 0 credits. Just pop over to the Bank and withdraw however much you want.

Note: The next update will add a pop-up notice telling you your money is in the GESDB

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