Quick Start

Game Objective

The object of the game is to make enough money to purchase a Moon and then retire to it. How you go about doing that is all up to you.

Ultra Brief

For the Attention Deficit

  • Buy low and sell high
  • Don’t get blown up!
  • Save your game often
  • Upgrade Ship / Equipment often
  • Configure options to match your style
  • Quick Start

    For the Rest of You 🙂

    From the Jump Start section, select a game and “jump” right in!

    1. From New GameCreate a new commander
      • Difficulty: Beginner
      • Pilot Skill: 6
      • Fighter Skill: 3
      • Trader Skill: 6
      • Engineer Skill: 5

      Tap Start to begin

    2. From Commanders PAD TabCmdr PAD Tab on iPhones/iPod’s
      • Tap SAVE GAME then tap “New” button to save your new game.
    3. From Short Range Tab
      • Select a planet within range (inside white ring)
      • Find the most profitable planet using the “<” and “>” buttons.
      • Purchase your items and tap the “HYPER WARP” button.

      Before your first few trips you might want to get a loan from the BANK. Remember to pay it off as soon as you can as it will incur interest charges.

    4. Encounters (en-route to Space Port)
      • For the first few trips:
        • Traders: IGNORE
        • Pirates: FLEE
        • Police Inspection(1): SUBMIT
        • Police: IGNORE

      (1) Even if you are transporting illegal goods, first SUBMIT to the inspection and then choose Flee on the pop-up confirmation.

    5. Arrival New Planet
      • Sell your goods (at a profit!)
      • Repeat from step #3 above.

    Reminder: Save your game as often as you like (just tap the row with your pilots name). The game will also auto save upon arrival to each new planet.Don’t forget – have fun!

    Thank You

    Developed, published and supported by: MeachWare

    Version: 1.2
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