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Game Crashes v4.0

Watching Flurry; I am seeing a lot of odd crashes. Seems the combination of iOS 7 and Xcode (ARC) isn’t (yet) failure proof (in addition, the version of Flurry used in v4.0.2 reports phantom crashes). During all the testing I never experienced a single crash but of course that doesn’t mean anything because I’m getting…

WARP gce v4.1.4 Update And v4.2

I’ve been working on the v4.1.4 (v4.1.4 is an arbitrary number, something less than 4.2) update for quite a while now and most of it is for compatibility of old iOS versions (iOS 5.1 – iOS 6.x). Version 4.0 was primarily a stopgap for our Alerts being broken in iOS 7 (and tested using the beta…

Ready for iOS 7 – sweetness!

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to mention ALL (5) WARP products (all four Hyper WARP’s and WARP gce) have been updated / tested, submitted to Apple and have been approved! <yeah> We will schedule their release to coincide with the release (once it’s announced) of iOS 7. Oh and have you heard about this???  

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